Spiritual Counseling/Teaching

Are you wondering how to start a meditation practice? Are you a long term meditator who could benefit from expert guidance? Would you benefit from a spiritual friend to support, mentor, and collaborate with you on your spiritual path?

Never before have there been so many paths available for you to grow and blossom in a deepening sense of connection, realization, and happiness, freed from limiting habit patterns.

My service supports and facilitates your inquiry, and I am here to be present for you in the journey of unfolding into who you truly are. Together we will design your meditation practice.

No matter who you are or what you believe, I’m here to mirror your pure being.

“Lama Palden has cut through my confusion…”

“Many times over the years, with wisdom and compassion, Lama Palden has cut through my confusion and facilitated my integration. I am forever grateful for her guidance that has furthered my personal unfoldment and transformation.”

What is Spiritual Counseling/Teaching?

I have been teaching Buddhism, and counseling people for over 30 years. My Spiritual Coaching serves people of all traditions, and those without a tradition. I serve people who have either a theistic or nontheistic approach to the sacred in their lives.

I am present with you as you deepen your relationship with yourself, with what is, with God, with the sacred, and as you learn and grow in your own spirituality. As a coach I listen and inquire with you to assist in your process of reflection and spiritual growth.

Also I can teach you how to meditate and/or help you to deepen your meditation practice. I am trained in hundreds of different kinds of meditation and together we can create a meditation practice just right for you. I can assist you step by step in your spiritual unfolding.

You will learn how to turn your challenges into awakening.

We will look at how to embody your truth, embody wakefulness, moment to moment, in your daily life.
Build Lasting Mindfulness and move into Resting in Awareness
Relieve Stress, Depression and Anxiety
Open to your innate Wisdom, Love, and Joy
Receive Spiritual Nourishment, Inspiration
Learn to find Inner Peace
Build Trust with What Is


Sessions need to be canceled 48 hours in advance by emailing Lama Palden.  If canceled less than 48 hours in advance, payment will still be due.

Sessions are $240 for (50 minutes). In order to maximize our session time, payment is collected on Paypal or venmo at lamapaldendrolma@gmail.com.

Ready to Deepen Your Spiritual Path?