The Awakened Feminine of Tara with the Shift Network

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The Awakened Feminine of Tara with the Shift Network

November 14, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

Do you feel a constant inner pull between being the person society wants you to be, and who you truly are?
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If so, you’re not alone. The pure nature of our being can be easily muddied by cultural conditioning – and jumbled about by the turbulence of current world affairs.
This is my course on The Healing Blessing of Tara: Receiving Awakened Feminine Wisdom from the Female Buddha presented by The Shift Network. The course is currently underway but you can still join or buy it in full when it is over.
Revered by Tibetans as the most beloved of all female awakened beings, this fully enlightened deity (Tara) is known as the Savioress… the one who “ferries beings across the ocean of samsara (the cycle of death and rebirth).”
Tara can specifically help you release the narratives, woundings, and shame that binds or limits you – so you can uncover and allow who you truly are to emerge.
During this enlightening hour, you’ll:
  • Discover the fascinating origin of the story of Tara, originally from Nagarjuna, which was first received through the nagas or water serpents
  • Find out how opening to and receiving the blessing of Tara can awaken the full spectrum of the sacred feminine within you (and how awakening your masculine counterpart within is just as important)
  • Know Tara as a mirror of who you truly are – an awakened, pure being, replete with many beneficial qualities (and polarities), all welcome
  • Experience a guided meditation, dedicated to all beings, to feel the healing power and presence of Tara, your inseparability with her divine presence, and the embodiment of your own innate goodness
Most importantly, Tara provides a reflection of your pure being – free of the narratives that may be controlling your life, and complete with the sacred feminine in her entirety.
Let me show you how to open to Tara’s potent energies so you can awaken her peacefulness, wisdom, fierce clarity, compassion, and healing powers already within you… empowering and liberating you to step into the fullness of yourself and your life!

Watch this quick clip for an immersive taste of Lama Palden’s teachings:

You’ll find out about the 21 forms Tara appears in… what happened when she was about to awaken… and why she chose to always be born as a woman.

And if you’re looking to embody the wisdom and love at the core of who you are… to receive Tara’s many blessings… to release unbeneficial narratives and woundings…

The clip above gives you just a taste of the experience I will be sharing with you and The Awakening Feminine of Tara community over seven weeks.

You’ll receive expert guidance from one of the few female Buddhist lamas in the world, and the loving support of like-minded explorers…

You’ll discover how to connect with yourself and Tara in loving, open awareness.

And you’ll learn to do this on your own, too, so that Tara is always accessible to you.

Don’t miss your chance to enroll right here ==> The Awakened Feminine of Tara


November 14, 2018
12:00 pm


The Shift Network
San Francisco, CA 94131 United States
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