March 12, 2020

Pilgrimage to Bhutan

This is a wonderful video of the Pilgrimage last we took to Bhutan last October. Created by Suzanne Christine Lucas. Thank you Suzanne.
March 11, 2020

Rejuvenating in Portugal

After over 22 years launching and teaching at Sukhasiddhi Foundation, leading retreats, training teachers, while much of the time also working as a therapist and teaching the Diamond Heart work, it is time for me to step back and have a much quieter life. And, ...
June 13, 2019

Summer Is Upon Us

Summer is fully upon us for some time now and I sit gloriously surrounded by bountiful mother nature with her panoramic spectrum of light soft gentle pink to luscious, passionate deep pink, and likewise with the reds, corals, blues, oranges and yellows ...
November 13, 2018


I sit in my garden, gazing at the turning leaves of the Japanese maple, the last roses and the geraniums, filled with gratitude for the sustenance the beauty of our earth provides, along with its natural pointing out instructions the earth is always ...
November 13, 2017

Beginning Sukhasiddhi

My heartfelt thanks to the many of you who made it possible for me to take a needed and delicious time off, during which I rested, meditated, exercised and received medicinal healing treatments. Thank you, thank you! Now in this autumn of warm days and cool nights our new year of classes...
October 13, 2016

The Quiet Wordless Sanctuary

As we head more deeply into the dark time of the year, I feel the inward turning of my heart—into the quiet, wordless sanctuary. This is not a withdrawn place or an isolating stance, such as the ego formulates in order to lick its wounds. Rather, the inward movement of my heart drops the busyness and comes to...