I can help you to connect with your inner wisdom, love and peace. Within you is an inner light, an awakened awareness that can nourish, sustain and inspire you.

In these challenging times we all need nourishment, support and guidance in order to feel at peace in ourselves and able to contribute meaningfully to our families, friends, communities and the world at large.

Lama Palden – Author, Spiritual Counseling and Meditation Training

Love on Every Breath

Lama Palden’s new book is available now

Love on Every Breath brings you into an ancient meditation that opens your heart, your love for yourself and all beings.

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    a female Tibetan Buddhist teacher, coach, and author. She loves the richness and variety of spiritual paths and enjoys coaching and teaching people from all walks of life.


    quickens your journey of transformation and liberation to release the layers that cover who you truly are and reveal the magnificence of your gifts and talents.


    Join Lama Palden in person or online at retreats, talks, and classes. You will enjoy meeting and learning with her.


    Heart Wisdom Blog


    This is a wonderful video of the Pilgrimage last we took to Bhutan last October. Created by Suzanne Christine Lucas. Thank you Suzanne.

    After over 22 years launching and teaching at Sukhasiddhi Foundation, leading retreats, training teachers, while much of the time also working as a therapist and teaching the Diamond Heart work, it is time for me to step back and have a much quieter life. And, …

    Summer is fully upon us for some time now and I sit gloriously surrounded by bountiful mother nature with her panoramic spectrum of light soft gentle pink to luscious, passionate deep pink, and likewise with the reds, corals, blues, oranges and yellows …

    I sit in my garden, gazing at the turning leaves of the Japanese maple, the last roses and the geraniums, filled with gratitude for the sustenance the beauty of our earth provides, along with its natural pointing out instructions the earth is always …

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