I can help you to connect with your inner wisdom, love and peace. Within you is an inner light, an awakened
awareness that can nourish, sustain and inspire you.

In these challenging times we all need nourishment, support and guidance in order to feel at peace in ourselves and
able to contribute meaningfully to our families, friends, communities and the world at large.

Lama Palden – Author, Spiritual Counseling and Meditation Training

Love on Every Breath

Lama Palden’s new book is available now

Love on Every Breath brings you into an ancient meditation that opens your heart, your love for yourself and all beings.

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    a female Tibetan Buddhist teacher, coach, and author. She loves the richness and variety of spiritual paths and enjoys coaching and teaching people from all walks of life.


    quickens your journey of transformation and liberation to release the layers that cover who you truly are and reveal the magnificence of your gifts and talents.


    Join Lama Palden in person or online at retreats, talks, and classes. You will enjoy meeting and learning with her.


    “Lama Palden faithfully transmits the traditional instruction she received from her many Tibetan masters, while speaking in the warm, conversational tone of an intimate friend.”

    ~ Lewis Richmond, author of Aging as a Spiritual Practice.

    “Lama Palden is an accomplished spiritual master as well as a warm, loving, and attuned counselor. Given that she is a Western woman herself, I find it easy to relate to her as my teacher and mentor on the path.”

    “I met Lama Palden during an intensely difficult chapter in my life when I was shattered by grief and lost in confusion. She provided strong loving guidance, clarity, and support. I’m immeasurably grateful.”

    “Many times over the years, with wisdom and compassion Palden has cut through my confusion and eased my integration. I am forever grateful for her guidance that has furthered my personal unfoldment and transformation.”

    “I am particularly heartened to have this book available right now at a time when level of suffering of the world on every level from global to personal, cannot be ignored.”

    ~ from the forward by Syvelia Boorstein, author of It’s Easier Than You Think.

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    spiritual counseling is a powerful tool for anyone seeking inner healing, growth, and a deeper connection to their spiritual essence. It provides a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their beliefs, values, and purpose in life.

    Connecting with our Buddha Nature, our enlightened nature, usually feels very far away, like it’s not even possible. But it is much closer than we think. For example, when we are suddenly moved to compassion for someone or for a group of people, right then our Buddha Nature is shining through us.

    This journey we are undertaking together is a pilgrimage is spiritual practice in which we turn all of our spiritual aspirations to visiting sacred places and connecting with the energy there. We share Joyful companionship, and the beauty of nature …

    This is a wonderful video of the Pilgrimage last we took to Bhutan last October. Created by Suzanne Christine Lucas. Thank you Suzanne.

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